Top 5 Reasons for Switching To Office 365 SharePoint Online

Everyone wants to be on the top of the ladder. But that’s not possible by just sitting back and letting things happen. You definitely need to offer a strong backbone to your business organisation. Whether you own a large company or a small organisation, Office 365 SharePoint Online can turn out to be the right choice for you. Microsoft Office 365 has become constantly stable and its additional features have made it more reliable and user-friendly.

In this guide, we will be discussing some of the reasons for switching to Office 365 SharePoint Online:

1. Remote Accessibility:-

Microsoft Office 365 is perfect in case of flexible work environments. The best part is that this cloud-based tool offers remote access to users. You no longer need to be chained to the desk as you have the access to work anywhere from any device.

2. Don’t worry about Servers and Maintenance:-

With Microsoft Office 365; you can save huge on maintenance cost associated with local servers. It ensures that your data is in safe hands and is only accessible to authorized users.

3. It’ll grow with your Business:- 

The working system of Microsoft office 365 is that “you pay for what you get”. When your organisation keeps on growing, you can add some extra services or data storage you need. This is a growing process and keeps on continuing with much more better services.dfa1ff82515ff10baea7bbefe609f81f4. All apps in one place:-

The most amazing feature of Microsoft Office 365 is that you can handle all your apps in just one place. It allows choosing the tools you want. Moreover, you can easily monitor all your applications in a single place.

5. Advanced Security:-

Data security is one of the main reasons why companies shift to Microsoft Office 365. So, if you want to offload your security concerns, you should definitely consider Microsoft Office 365.

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SharePoint Online Training

Top Business Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft has moved into the cloud with its significant shift in SharePoint platform. Although, this platform has a vast range of advantages, still many companies are doubtful to shift their information to the SharePoint cloud. However, there are still many reasons that some companies choose to shift to this cloud. It has thousands of advantages and can be beneficial to shift to this platform. If you are not aware of SharePoint, you can choose to learn it via SharePoint online training. After Microsoft has released the final version of its SharePoint server 2016, it became one of the most reliable, secure, scalable and efficient platforms ever.

How can SharePoint be beneficial for you? Let’s know!

  • Provide a simple, familiar & consistent user experience: In order to provide a simple and steady user experience, this platform is firmly coordinated with client desktop applications, e-mails, and web browsers. It helps clients to collaborate with content, various procedures and business information. It also helps them to utilize the out-of-box administration services and encourages them for item selection.

  • Simplify various business activities: You can get benefit from out-of-box functionality for various business activities, for instance, document review & approval, issue tracking, and signature collec Moreover, you can initiate, track and report various business activities without any coding.
  • Help you to manage all your business information: With the help of various security settings and policies, you can secure and manage your sensitive business information effectively. By this, you can reduce the chances of any litigation for your organization.
  • Simple access to your business data: You can give access to business data present in common line-of-business system to your users via SharePoint. Your users can create personalized views and interact with your business by dragging configurable back-end connections.
  • Accelerate your shared business processes: You can collect all your business information from your customers via usage of electronic forms-driven solutions without any coding. Its built-in data validation rules help you to collect accurate information and to avoid redundancy errors that information can be integrated into the back-end system.

These are the top benefits of SharePoint. If you want to go for SharePoint online training in the UK, you can choose QiPoint.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Go For Office 365 Migration Services

How did you get on the top of the ladder? The answer probably isn’t: “By sitting back and watching the world drag me down”. So, you need to offer your business something exceptional. Whether you’re a part of a small or large business, Office 365 migration services can work wonders for you. It is much more than just a Microsoft Office in the cloud as it allows users to access their documents anywhere and anytime. To keep up in a competitive business, consider using Office 365.

In this guide, we will be discussing some of the benefits of Microsoft Office 365:

1. Privacy and security This is perhaps the biggest concern of business organizations. Security for the cloud isn’t something all companies can afford for. However, there are regular updations in Microsoft’s security and antivirus protection programs
2. Reduced risk Whether a power breakdown or a cyber-attack, Office 365 is ready to face it. Moving your applications to the cloud prevents your entire system from any type of breakdown.
3. Only pay for what you need Pay-as-you-go is offered by Office 365 services that allow you to purchase only the services you need and that too for the amount of time till you need them. Ensure to get what you pay for.
4. Anytime, anywhere access Microsoft Office 365 offers web-enabled access to e-mail, important documents, contacts and other files on almost all devices including PC’s, computers, laptops, tablets, iPhone, Android phones and much more.
5. Don’t worry about maintenance Being available on the cloud, it saves maintenance cost involved with the local servers. Your data will surely be in safe hands with Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 is the future for office productivity and collaboration. For making the work more efficient and well-organized, Office 365 plays an important role. If you’re looking forward to Office 365 migration services, then QiPoint can prove out to be the right choice for you.

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Step by Step Guide to Migrate to Office 365

Migration to Office 365 is a complex task. This process includes migration of all the data to the cloud and figures out how to use the new SharePoint Online architecture. We are going to simplify your process to easily migrate to Office 365 by guiding you about the steps that come in the way. This guide will help you learn the nuts and bolts of the migration process.

  • Planning– The first step is planning and preparation. In this step, get your library or house prepared for the next step. You can search solutions for pre-migration readiness and clean up your current environment. Check inventory and get rid of what’s no longer needed. This way you can make space for a new environment and ensure it has been air tight.
  • Running Migration– The next step is running Office 365 migration. You can click on the ‘Launch’ button and you will see a number of options on the screen. Jump to the file option because this is where you will be able to manage the performance of your migration.

  • Exchange Settings-To begin a new migration, walk through the migration wizard by clicking on the new tab. This wizard will let you migrate your exchange settings. If you are a business user, you can directly visit the Office 365 website, sign up there for a trial and explore SharePoint in a matter of few minutes.
  • Data Mapping- After this, data mapping is done. In this step, the content-mapping is done from content as well as source data to target.
  • Migration Development- During the migration development step, custom development is done if there is any. It could also include rewriting workflows and tweaking web parts. Before you do that, consider the configuration of search on your SharePoint tenant to ensure content find-ability is not broken.

Successful completion of all these steps ensures that accurate migration process is followed to migrate to Office 365. Here, you will find step by step guidance and explanatory videos to understand the migration process.

How to SharePoint Copy Lists? Some Simple Ways for You

Are you looking ways to copy a SharePoint list to any SharePoint version? Well, there are two ways using which you can copy a list in SharePoint. The first one is using the Microsoft way and the other one is using the ShareGate way. There are many times when we want to copy or move documents from one library to another. The reasons could be any- whether it is for site clean up or for restructuring purposes. Mentioned below are several steps that can be used for SharePoint copy lists.

The first step is using a list template.  This can be done by saving the list as a list template and then creating a copy of the list using the new list template. The list template should have less than 10 megabytes of list data and you should be a member of the site group. Also, the source site and the destination site must be based on the same site templates.  The copying is an easy process because it does not require copying to another list within the same site location.

Another step is by exporting a list to a spreadsheet. This can be done exporting the list to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint services compatible spreadsheet program and then importing the list to the destination site. This method is recommended when your list has more than 10 MB data and source and destination sites use different site templates and also you are not the member of a site group that has the Manage Lists on the source site. This method works for moving a list of sites in the same site collection or in different site collections.

If you are not aware of SharePoint copy lists, then it is suggested not to muddle up with the copying process and seek the help of someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about it. QIPoint should be the website to visit if you need any help regarding copying SharePoint lists from one destination to another. You will find here answers to your problems or queries and some effective ways to make your copying process easy and hassle-free.

Process of SharePoint Migration to Office 365 Explained Using Tools

SharePoint is widely used as a platform to share documents, complete collaboration and manage documents effectively. It gives you an opportunity to restructure your content and provide better management and discoverability. SharePoint Migration to Office 365 is a daunting task, especially when you have limited migration options. No matter you need to upgrade it to the latest version, deploying SharePoint for the first time or migrating data, you need careful planning to support your migration scenarios.

SharePoint migration to Office 365

There are a number of SharePoint migration tools available that can be used to migrate SharePoint to Office 365 easily. Depending upon your needs, you can pick a one that best suits your requirements. Most of the vendors offer a wide range of different functions ranging from architecture support that eases the migration process of databases to managing large amounts of content.

The process of SharePoint migration to Office 365 is a bit complex and you may encounter several problems in the process. You will notice that SharePoint is most likely to fail because of the timeout issues. On the other hand, if you have special characters in the files, you may also face problems during the migration process. To solve these problems, it is advisable to go through several documents and ensure there are no illegal characters in your files on your drives as you upload them. However, the other solution is, using tools that allow you to avoid these migration problems and ensure easy migration to Office 365. These tools take the hassle out of the process and make migration easy and simple.

You can research on the Internet about the tools that allow easy migration of the SharePoint to Office 365.  When you will get to research on the Internet, you will find a plenty of tools available out there, but always compare the features of the various tools to ensure you use the best tool for SharePoint migration to Office 365.

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Some Tips on Using Sharepoint Online Permissions Reports | Qipoint

If you are handling the task of managing SharePoint online permissions reports, here are a few tips for that will make things easier for you.

Clicking on share

One of the fundamentals that we need to know that clicking on the SharePoint on the site level ill behave in a different manner from sharing at the folder or item level. Clicking share at the site level can make the invited user a member of the site_name group.Also, you avoid granting a direct permission to the user without breaking the permission inheritance.However, when you click share at the folder level, different results are found. The permission inheritance on the folder gets broken. And the invited user gets a direct permission.

However, when you click share at the folder level, different results are found. The permission inheritance on the folder gets broken. And the invited user gets a direct permission.

Edit permission level: The edit permission level was introduced with the Sharepoint 2013. This is placed between the contributing and design permission levels. These can delete the entire lists and must also be used with care. Edit permission level is also a default permission level that is granted to the site level members groups. You can modify the default Edit level permission level for modifying ‘manage lists’. You may also create a new share point group called Contribute. In case, the users click share, they will be granted contribute instead of edit.

Limit Access: This is a Sharepoint level permission that is automatically granted to users when the user already has permission to access the object in the site as a folder.This allows the users to navigate to the folder through the site. However, with Sharepoint 2013, Limit access n longer gets displayed on the team site.  Rather, there is a yellow banner that shows that permissions have been broken in the SharePoint team site.

Check Permissions: In order to analyze the permissions granted to users with or without your knowledge, you can use check permissions. Sometimes the permissions reports may not normally display the names of the users with implicit permissions.

In order to refine Read and Contribute permissions, you can modify the advanced settings of the Sharepoint list. This allows you a control over how users can modify the items that they created or whether they can only read them. This can prove to be highly useful in surveys. However, this cannot be applied to a document library through a user interface.

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SharePoint Online Permissions Reports: Ensure Data Security with the Best Tools of Permissions Reporting

Whether you are using SharePoint online or on premise, there is a tendency that SharePoint gets larger and has security settings across multiple web applications, sub sites, folders, lists, site collections and even more. But, the collaborative approach of SharePoint came into a great danger with the NSA leak resulting in a significant security breach of all times. Thus, management of SharePoint online permission reports carries a great significance.
What you need is Efficient Reporting
The requirement having right set of security controls with the employment of effect permissions is essential. A right architectural approach should be one of the priorities of organisations. Even though workflow management requires providing access to the users to the data, with the right kind of permissions, it is necessary to determine which user has access to what information. Furthermore, it is also imperative to find out whether the information is really needed by the employee for the assigned work. Besides, the reporting system should be powerful with the ability to be customized. In this one can maintain efficient enterprise data security requirements.
For this, a basic knowledge of the best practices of SharePoint point design security and the user access settings applicable for both SharePoint on premises or online is important. Read on to know the fundamentals of security design


• Here you need to structure the hierarchy of permissions including the inherited permissions. You need to arrange the site collections, sub sites, folders and other items according to the permissions granted to them. Take care to maintain the consistency of the permission structure. This will help to make things simpler.
• Permission should be granted at the highest possible level. If you grant permissions too deep in the list, it will add to the difficulty of managing things. You need to have really good permissions reporting tools to handle the deeper permissions.
• Try to minimize the number of unique and fine-grained permissions. Plan the management of nay fine level or grained permissions you want to grant. Isolate them into specific libraries that you would want to manage and definitely not across multiple libraries.
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Migrate to Office 365: Choose Tools that make the Transition Smooth and Easy to Monitor

According to The Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, there were already more than 80 million monthly active business users of Office 365 in December 2016. Each day new businesses migrate to Microsoft Office 365 due to a countless number of advantages of the software provides. Microsoft office provides the businesses with better security, easy accessibility, and more chances of joint handling of work through collaborative tools, easy to manage maintenance and much more. Many of the companies are still limiting themselves in migrating to the Office 365 due to the fear of such a large-scale transition in their office and its impact. But, any kinds of feared roadblocks that come with big transitions can be easily and smoothly overcome with Microsoft office 365. Businesses can take several steps to ensure a successful transition.


360 tool kit


Outlining success through Key Performance Indicators

Each company approaches the implementation of the Microsoft office 365 in a different way. Setting key performance indicators and ways to measure them is crucial to measure the success at all stages of the transition. In the initial phase of the transition, it is likely that the transition plan may not run 100 per cent smoothly. You may have to pivot the plan and make suitable adjustments. This can be possible only if you are measuring the key performance indicators. In order to do this, you need to have

  • Well-defined starting point: The baseline of the help desk activity needs to be established at the place where it is in the current position of the start. From this point, check the activity of the help desk at least 90 days before this point. Take a snapshot of this scenario. This will function as a baseline for comparison with the activity after the migration.
  • Monitoring of activation and adoption: The basic reporting tools that are included with Microsoft Office 365 help you to monitor who has migrated to been migrated to Office 365 and who has not. You can also find out what specific applications they are using and for what duration. This function of the tools can be used to track the activity over an extended period of time to know the users if the software and the duration of use.
  • Employee feedback: A company-wide survey will be helpful to determine how well transition of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 has been received by the employees. One can also decide to send a survey of the legacy software before deciding to migrate to Office 365. This way you can determine the areas where employees look forward to better functionality.

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SharePoint Online Migration: Reasons to Do it Today!

With the technology ushering the contemporary entrepreneurial world in a much more competitive stint, it is getting indispensable for enterprises to adapt to the latest changes and be market ready. With varied departments of an enterprise working on different platforms, it is impossible for businesses to combat competition and get ahead. The need of every department of an enterprise to be under one roof is increasing and it is time enterprises make the right decision and undergo SharePoint Online Migration.


With each and every department working under one roof, business development and business integration team will be able to communicate faster and acquire the requisite growth. Here we give you an insight about the values SharePoint online migration can add to your business.

External Access can be managed efficiency: Clients, customers and suppliers trying to log into your system at the same time can lead to a deadlock situation. With SharePoint online migration, enterprises can take the control in their hand and ensure that everyone is provided with enough access to the system and database.

Access to One Drive for Businesses: With SharePoint online migration, enterprises get to access One Drive developed exclusively for businesses and give themselves an edge over the others. When you are the only one “doing it”, you get to control the pricing and rules.

Forget Obsolete, Enjoy the latest and best: SharePoint online migration leverages you with an opportunity to access the latest technology before anyone else. If the goal of your business is to be the “Thought Leader” then you will have to migrate to the latest SharePoint version.

Mobile Computing is the future: With your employees picking up their phones for innumerable times in a day, it should be very clear to you that Mobile Computing is the future. SharePoint online migration just might prepare you for the coming apocalypse. With mobile becoming mainstream, enterprises failing to migrate to SharePoint will repent.

Out of box thinking is pushing a lot of enterprises out of business; any organization that fails to evolve and innovate will lose their market share to innocuous startups. SharePoint online migration is helping old and decrepitude businesses become competitive and remain relevant. You can download the latest version of this amazing software from QIPoint- one stop shop destination for product integration services, product training and many more. Visit their website to know more at